Owners of static homes are making the switch to domestic air conditioning to keep their homes cool during the summer and warm during those colder periods.

Warm summers mean owners of static homes not only suffer from the heat during the day but also during the night, with temperatures remaining high long after the sun has gone down. We all enjoy air conditioning while on holiday abroad and owners of static homes are now enjoying the benefits in the UK.

Modern air conditioning units don’t just provide cooling, they also heat and dehumidify giving the owner complete control over their environment.

With all the major manufactures providing residential air conditioning units there is a solution available for any type of home and we have worked with many happy customers throughout the UK.

Benefits of air conditioning in static homes include:

• All units provide cooling, heating and dehumidify
• Low running costs with energy efficient units
• Quiet operation
• Smart device control via apps
• Sleep/quiet modes for night time use
• On/Off Timer Control
• 5 years manufacturer warranty

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