Classroom Air Conditioning


On this occasion we were asked by a primary school in Kettering to provide commercial air conditioning to 4 classrooms and a breakout room in a newly extended part of the building which suffered from high temperatures during the summer.

The four classrooms were fitted with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK 80ZRS wall mounted air conditioning systems which provide 8.0 kW of cooling and heating. As the building was new it was well insulated and spent a large part of the day in direct sunlight so it was important to ensure the systems were sized correctly to ensure the commercial air conditioning was effective but also efficient.

The indoor units were located so the pipework could be concealed in cupboards behind the units and the 4 condensers were mounted on an outside wall high enough so they were out of reach of anyone using the walkway.

In the breakout room a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK35ZSP-S wall mounted air conditioning system providing 3.5kW of heating and cooling was fitted and the external unit was mounted on the roof above the classroom.  To ensure the roof remained watertight the pipes were fed through a spout and we worked with a roofing supply company to ensure the correct seal was used around the hole.

All of the work was completed during a school holiday and as part of the installation we provided a 2 year air con service and maintenance contract which gives the school peace of mind that the system is being maintained and provides call out if there are any problems.

With the amount of time students spend in the classroom a comfortable environment is essential. Higher temperatures in the classroom can have a negative effect by causing fatigue, restlessness and it also affects concentration levels. Regardless of age, school years play an important part in the future of the students so it makes sense to ensure the classroom is as comfortable as possible.

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