Hot Desk Area


Having already installed a number of commercial air conditioning systems within a large exhibition and office building in central London our client asked us to provide air conditioning to a new hot desk area being created in the basement.

The area presented limited options for the installation of the internal units as the design didn’t allow for either ceiling cassettes or wall mounted units, we also had limited space above the ceiling due to the design. After carrying out calculations to determine the heating/cooling capacity required we installed 2 Mitsubishi ducted units in a storage area behind the open plan area and attached the ducts to a stud partition wall designed to feed the air into the room

The wall was built with an internal cavity that directs the air upwards and on the opposite side the wall is slightly lower allowing the air to escape.

A small meeting room is also fed by a Mitsubishi ducted unit which was placed in the escape corridor, a supply air grille was located at high level and a return air grille at the bottom of the wall.

Control of the systems is via a 24 hour programmable timer which allows the space manager to set a comfortable temperature and all controllers are located in an area not accessible by the users of the area.

With a service and maintenance plan in place for all equipment on site we are able to ensure all equipment is working efficiently and leak tests are carried out in line with the current F-Gas regulations.

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